Indianapolis, IN: LEGO KidsFest

As a must do event for anyone who loves LEGO, the traveling LEGO KidsFest is a perfect activity for the whole family.  The “LEGO party” as my son calls it is typically held at various convention centers and features millions of LEGOs, tons of hands-on activities, full-sized LEGO models, and so many giveaways you’ll wonder how they make money on this event!  Usually held a handful of times each year at various cities across the country (we visited the 2014 event in Indianapolis), this traveling LEGO show is a hit with kids.


LEGO KidsFest is huge!  So big in fact that it is held in large convention centers where on average 10,000 people visit the show each time it is held (despite that big number, it never feels crowded).  Although the event does charge an admission fee (we paid $20), coupons and discounts can usually be found to make it a bit more affordable.  To my surprise, we probably left the event with more in LEGOs than we paid for the tickets, so its a great value.

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Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

Indianapolis, Indiana is synonymous with the Indy 500 and auto racing, and there is no better place to experience this Midwest city’s heart and soul than at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  While auto racing at the speedway is usually a large-scale event and only occurs certain times during the year, the raceway itself is actually open to the public almost every day.  In the center of the raceway’s infield is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, which offers a great opportunity for racing enthusiasts and kids who love cars to experience the thrills and history of auto racing.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum is a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The raceway, which has a capacity for nearly 400,000 fans, is the “highest capacity sports venue in the world!”  Needless to say, this is an impressive facility.  The museum itself is open year-round, though has restricted hours on race days.  It is located in a semi-rough part of town, but only a 15 minute drive from downtown Indy, so fairly quick and easy to get to.  Admission is reasonable at $8 for adults, $5 for kids and under 5s are free.  There is an additional fee (same amount) for a track tour, which we have taken each time we have visited the raceway.  There is plenty of free parking right at the museum, whose entry is fairly cool as you drive a tunnel underneath the raceway to reach the above ground museum in the middle of the raceway’s infield. Continue reading

Indianapolis, IN: Indiana State Museum

As far as state history museums go, the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis is one of the best we’ve visited.  Housed in a sparkling new purpose-built facility, this White River State Park based museum covers all of the Hoosier State’s history, dating all the way back to pre-historic times, covering everything from Indiana natural history, Native Americans, cultural history, and even the future of Indiana.  With three floors of exhibits and the state’s largest IMAX theater, this museum can easily entertain a family for a full afternoon!


Indiana State Museum

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana in White River State Park, and directly across the street from the new JW Marriott and the convention center, the Indiana State Museum offers a very easy to reach location.  The museum calls an impressively built brand-new building home, which was constructed using only materials sourced from Indiana, and features something from each of Indiana’s 92 counties in its exterior walls.  On-site is full-service dining and parking; also next door is the equally impressive Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians & Western Art, worthy of a visit as well. Continue reading